Ohio StarShine!

Namaste and Welcome Have a look around people, Enjoy ^_^

Ohio StarShine the earth says hello!
I Started this site as an Environmental project.
It came out better and better in my view. So I Started putting art on it and i realised

"Hey I could be helping the environment by drawing
I could be steeding many forms of Activism by inspiring".

So I got some links up on this site and i started to tell people about it and here it is today.


I really just feel like drawing, painting or just making any kind of art 

Insperation comes from everything. What i hear and see not the least to say what i feel. There is a thing about art, well there are alot of great things about art, but one main point is that you can express anything so easy it sure is true what they say that "A Picture says more then a 1000 words". Art Keeps the world in motion, Whatever art that might it be.

"In touch with spirit, Love and Soul you will see the lead turn in to gold"